ElibU – the joy of reading that follows the student home

Interest in and demand for digital books is increasing across all channels. Society as a whole stands before a massive change in how we consume, procure and make books available – both on paper on digitally. Previously, it has proved difficult for schools to buy digital books for the learning environment, but now, with ElibU, Axiell Media is making it easy for schools to use digital books for teaching.

“With ElibU, we hope to meet students’ passion for reading, on their own terms”
Eva Houltzén, CEO of Axiell Media

Schools are increasingly digital and the digital school library suddenly opens undreamed of possibilities for children and young people to carry their educational resources in their pockets. With ElibU, we make it possible for entire school classes to utilise digital books in their education. Schools gain access to ElibU through our partners, each of whom has unique offers and packages – all with the common idea of capturing young people’s joy of reading.

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How it works

ElibU is a subscription service for digital books for the entire school system – from preschool up to upper secondary. Students and teachers have the opportunity to read and listen to books online via streaming.

  • A subscription service based per student and school year.
  • Digital audio books and ebooks are delivered through streaming rather than downloading.
  • The service is accessed via personal student and teacher logins in the school’s existing digital platform.
  • The service includes a number of functions to assist students in their reading habits, making it possible to browse, read and listen to books, make notes, offer and receive book tips and access teachers’ instructions regarding their reading.
  • Publishers can easily administer books and see statistics and invoicing information via their standard Axiell Media login.

Publishers – it’s easy to join ElibU!

ElibU makes it possible for an entire class to use digital books in their education, and, as a publisher, you have a unique opportunity to reach this market and become a significant supplier of ebooks and digital audio books to Swedish and Finnish schools.

Make your books available in ElibU directly in our customer portal. Make your EPUB files available at no charge, or order a PDF-to-EPUB conversion for a standard fee.

Remuneration takes place through a revenue-sharing model and settlement is made to publishers twice a year.

Service providers – ElibU creates added value for your digital school service

Does your company supply digital services to schools? Would you like to offer more qualified content to your customers? If so, ElibU is for you.

ElibU provides students and teachers with access to literature in digital format, designed to work simply on all common digital platforms. The service is accessed via a personal login and books can be read or listened to directly in the web player. Axiell Media provides books in various digital formats, as well as metadata, reading history and basic administrative data via API.

Please get in touch for further information about how we can collaborate.

Schools – it’s this easy to offer your students access to thousands of ebooks and audio books!

Axiell Media collaborates with five service providers. Contact them to see which offer best suits your school’s needs:

Axiell offers ElibU via the digital school library service WeLib, a media-neutral collection of school library resources and all of the educational materials available locally at the school. ElibU is integrated with WeLib, making ebooks searchable in an educational context.

“Having easy access to more than one book, and not having to worry about carrying more than your mobile phone, iPad or laptop is a great help in school work. Even though I do appreciate a physical library, this does feel like a more modern and useful approach.”

Renée, 19 years of age, Korrespondensgymnasiet, user of ElibU via WeLib

SLI offers ElibU via Läshörnan, part of their digital platform where video, audio, text books, human experience and knowledge are interwoven and made easily accessible.

Learnify develops tools to simplify the use of digital learning resources in schools in collaboration with Swedish schools. You will find ElibU in Learnify’s library together with thousands of other learning resources linked to syllabuses, central content and abilities.

Mediapoolen offers ElibU via their Digital Pedagogik platform, a collection of resources aimed at inspiring, making resources available and facilitating learning for young and old alike in their quest for knowledge, experience and development.

Webbhuset in Finland offers ElibU through its Ebban service, a subscription-based online school library, with thousands of Swedish-language ebooks and audio books.