Biblio – Your Library’s Digital Books in One Place

People are reading and listening to digital books like never before! We are therefore pleased to offer an app for digital books to libraries. The app is called Biblio and makes it easy to listen to audio books with good sound quality in an accessible design, and during the spring of 2019, patrons will also be able to borrow and read e-books directly in the app!

In Biblio, the patron can search, explore, borrow, read and listen to digital books – both online and offline. Using your regular library card number, you can access your library’s complete digital book catalogue. The library can control supply and availability in the same way as you usually do, via the Axiell Media customer portal.

The app is available for download in the App Store and Google Play and works for both iOS and Android devices.

App Design and Function

During the development of the app, accessibility and simplicity have been our keywords. We have therefore invested in features that make it easy for the patron to listen and read on their own terms. The design work has been pursued in a spirit of facilitating for a broad audience to borrow, read and listen to digital books. The app is therefore accessible with clear, user-friendly buttons and support for VoiceOver.

The patron uses their regular library card to log in. In addition to reading and listening to books both online and offline, one can search, explore and borrow the books directly in the app. A loan made through the library’s web page is instantly visible in the app. The search function contains categories, top lists, and library tips to help the patron find books.

Biblio is available in several languages; Swedish, Finnish, English and Arabic.

Biblio Opens for New Opportunities

The app Biblio has been developed by Axiell Media as part of our basic digital book offer for libraries. We work with libraries throughout Sweden and, as a distributor of digital books, it is important for us to support the libraries with their digital services. An app is a natural development for the libraries to continue to be relevant to their patrons and promote reading in an inclusive society. We also see the app as the start of a new generation of technical solutions from us, where we want to continue supporting structural changes in our society.

Technical Information

Biblio is available for iOS and Android.

The app is fully integrated with Axiell Media’s customer portal and library pages, and works seamlessly with Axiell’s library system. For those who use other library systems, we integrate continuously. If you are using a library system other than Axiell’s today, please contact

FAQ for Patrons and Libraries

FAQ for patrons can be found on the library web pages and in the app.

FAQ for libraries can be found on our support page.

Promotional Material

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