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Succeed with your digital library!

So far, we have had the privilege to convey almost 11 million ebook and audio book loans to libraries. Patrons can currently choose from among 45 000 titles from 1000 publishers at 300 libraries in Sweden and Finland. This makes us the largest distributor of digital books in the Nordics.

Our library platform offers libraries access to perhaps the world’s largest catalogue of digital books. The platform supports the library’s own conditions and strategies – with the aid of both automatic settings and manual control at detail level, you can position your library at the forefront of digital lending. Would you like to learn more? Begin on a small scale and proceed at your own pace. It’s entirely up to you! Our platform helps you succeed with your digital lending.

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The library has control

Our platform offers libraries a wide range of choices. We make it easy to make selections for your catalogue based on your particular situation. The library will receive feedback and can easily manage its catalogue and costs.

Pricing and lending models

Our platform supports many price- and lending models. In Sweden, the access model – where the library pays for each loan, and where several patrons can borrow a book at the same time – is most common. Internationally, license models – where the library buys access to one or more book licenses, to use for a limited period and for one borrower at a time – are more common. We are now expanding our pricing and lending models to meet demand in Finland and begin to be released in the first part of 2019.

Flexible pricing

Flexible pricing means that the publisher is free to set a price for each book to the library channel. This allows a large variation in price and a wide ranging catalogue.

Borrowing and reading solutions for patrons!

It should be simple for patrons to search, borrow, read and listen to books. It should also be easy for librarians to see statistics. We offer two solutions: a website for easy lending, and our Biblio app, through which patrons can conveniently borrow and listen to digital audio books directly on their smartphone.

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Integration with other systems

There are many library systems available on the market, both with and without front-end solutions. Our API makes it possible to integrate our digital library solution with your own. Please get in touch for further information about how this works.

A passion for reading in everyone – a basis for an inclusive society!

We want to make sure that digital books are available to all citizens, because we believe that this is a cornerstone of an inclusive society. Some examples of how we work to ensure availability include our collaboration with the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media and the Swedish Association of the Visually Impaired, which among other things led to the integration of the Biblio app with VoiceOver. During 2018, Axiell Media’s library site has been adapted for accessibility, and from 2019 we will offer validation of EPUB files using the Ace accessibility checking tool (learn more about the tool here).

Accessibility is also a matter of offering a broad range of books that appeals to many people. Participation in democratic processes and the ability to influence social issues are part of integration, and one essential route to achieving this is via reading and listening to language. By working with libraries, we want to ensure that all citizens have access to literature. Our solutions for patrons – the Biblio app and the Axiell Media library website – are now available in four languages: Finnish, English and Arabic, as well as Swedish.

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