Finnish patrons now have access to more digital reading when Axiell Media enters the Finnish market. Axiell Media has won the procurement for all the Finnish municipal libraries and is now the framework contractor of systems and products for the distribution of digital literature.

“For almost 20 years, we have made it easier and more fun to borrow, read and listen to digital books in Sweden. We develop technical solutions for libraries focusing on smart library tools and with our newly developed app Biblio, we provide the joy of reading and listening to library patrons. Our solutions today help libraries to increase their availability, spread and interaction with patrons. It is with great pleasure that we are now looking forward to doing the same with the libraries in Finland”, says Eva Houltzén, CEO of Axiell Media.

In the evaluation of the tender, the Finnish procurement organization has based it on a summary of best points for platform, price and content. Axiell Media’s platform enables libraries to easily buy and distribute digital books to library patrons. The platform has a large catalog of books in Finnish and other languages such as Swedish and English.

Libraries will have access to continuous technological development, such as new features and new content.

“The market for digital books is growing strongly in Finland. Through our establishment in Finland, we open up new opportunities for our affiliated publishers as well as for Finnish publishers who are now joining us. Together with our customers, we handle the digital transformation so that they constantly keep up with readers’ needs and changed habits. This allows libraries to evolve as new opportunities are created and reading and listening to digital literature is now more readily available in Finland, “says Eva Houltzén.

Axiell Media.

Axiell Media changes how, when and where people read or listen to digital books. We change how publishers, resellers and libraries sell and distribute the books. We are constantly creating new ways for anyone who works with digital literature to keep up with the market, the desire and the wishes of the customers. We are part of the book industry’s change and have created existing models in libraries that gave Swedish borrowers a unique access to digital books.


Axiell Media is part of Axiell, an IT company that offers world-leading IT solutions and services for museums, archives, libraries and schools. Today, Axiell has 300 employees and has customers in over 55 countries. Read more here


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Eva Houltzén

CEO, Axiell Media



Jenny Söderqvist

Market Manager Axiell Media