Axiell Media is launching a new aggregator service, Conecto, allowing distributors to quickly access a new market and retailers to access a larger number of digital books in the blink of an eye.

Conecto provides a whole new way for distribution companies and retailers to handle large amounts of metadata and deliver extensive catalogues to end users. The solution allows customers to quickly and easily build catalogues in a much more flexible manner. Conecto automates import and distribution of data without having to enter into individual agreements with publishers, and the publishers gain quick access to the more than 30 retailers and online stores that are linked Axiell Media. This enables the companies to quickly capitalise on their service in an efficient manner. The next phase will allow for streaming of audiobooks as well as lending books to libraries.

The service enables publishers and distributors with international catalogues for distribution to join. All titles will be aggregated in one place for easy access for retailers and distribution channels. In the future, this technology will also be used for publishers and retailers who want to expand and reach new markets.

Eva Houltzen, CEO of Axiell Media:

“Our new service is an integral part of Axiell Media’s focus on collaborating with both publishers and retailers in a flexible manner that helps strengthen their business. We want to simplify access to digital reading and our aim is that our digital services will strengthen the entire literature sector of Scandinavia”.

The new service is part of Axiell Media’s strategic investment for the Finnish and Scandinavian markets and is developed together with our partner Adlibris.