Welcome to Axiell Media!

Together we develop tomorrow’s digital media market
We make it easy for book readers to buy, borrow, read and listen to digital books. We take care of the whole process from production and distribution to financial monitoring and management for digital books in all sales channels. Together with our customers we develop new market places for tomorrow’s book reading!

Axiell Media’s business idea
Axiell Media develops and distributes digital products and services to optimize and create markets for retailers, publishers, libraries and schools – so that all residents of the community can enjoy digital books on their terms.

Focusing on long-term sustainable and cost-effective solutions, we unite our customers with our ability to collaborate, creative innovation and deep knowledge about the digital infrastructure – together we create market-leading services.

We work closely with the customer and effectively take our services and products to the market – so we provide optimal value to our customers and suppliers.

This is Axiell Media
Axiell Media was founded in 2000 by some of Sweden’s largest publishers and retailers, in a common ambition to introduce ebooks to the Swedish market. The company was called Elib and today our platform has the same name. The first ebook that we produced was Liza Marklund’s best-seller Paradiset , and in the same year we as a start-up entrepreneurial tech company could see our produced ebooks both sold and lended through channels we had built.

Over the years, we have had the great pleasure of being part of the Swedish digitization journey by helping some of Sweden’s largest digital bookstores like Adlibris, Bokus, Nextory, Bokus Play, BookBeat, CDON and many more to easily sell ebooks and digital audio books. We have done it together and the result is innovative services that all contribute to reading on the readers’ terms.

We have been involved with the development of lending digital books in libraries with great commitment. Together with players in the library and publishing world, we have created the opportunity for Swedish libraries to have access to perhaps the world’s largest catalog of digital books, which allows borrowers to borrow on equal terms.

Today we are a Nordic player with over 65,000 digital books in many languages that we distribute from 1000 publishers. In our systems we have hundreds of thousands of orders every month. We are really proud of that!

Since 2015, we are part of the international group Axiell Group, which helps the cultural sector with technical solutions to make available art, books, artifacts and much more to make the history and contemporary times of all the citizens of society come to life.

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