What if we told you that there is an easy way to offer books that never go out of print? Books that adjust to your readers’ needs and are available 24/7 only a few clicks away? Increase your return of investment and find new readers!

Developments in technology have reduced the barriers associated with traditional publishing, leading to huge increases in the amount of e-books and digital audiobooks that are published.

Axiell Media offers a smooth, safe system for publishing digital books. Without compromising quality. There is more to digital books than simply bridging the gap between online and print. Once you realize the true digital potential offered by an e-book solution, you will see that it’s not just a publishing channel, but a business in its own right.

We provide a platform for constantly improving and testing new grounds. From converting to increasing ad revenue and broadening your reader base by acting on data. Axiell Media enables publishers to reach the Finish and Swedish markets through vendors such as Adlibris, Bokus, Nextory and Bookbeat, as well as libraries and schools.

By publishing an e-book you make the book accessible to anyone who has a smartphone, tablet, e-reader or similar digital device. Immediately. Readers don’t have to go to their local bookstore or wait three to five business days for a book to be shipped. Digital books are fast to manufacture and do not require shelf space. It´s also a paperless product. The obvious choice if you want to go green.

Connect, produce, sell

At Axiell Media, we help you to get the absolute most out of your digital edition. We have reliable tools for high quality publishing, whether you are a beginner or have a huge backlist, and no matter what platform your customers use.

1. Connect
All you need to connect with our customer portal is your organization number and your VAT registration number. Sign up today!

2. Produce
Choose if you want to publish your finished book for free or make a convertion order per fee. We offer full service either way.

3. Sell
Through Axiell Media you reach your readers through all the significant vendors, streaming services, libraries and schools.

Make the most of tech and reading – publish with us!